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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a sinkhole nearly swallows an s-u-v during rush hour in san right now at 11:00, suddenly trapped. a sinkhole nearly swallows a sinkhole tonight in san francisco. a busy street blocked off, impacting the morning commute. good evening. >> a ride to the airport interrupted by that sinkhole. we know what caused it. an ageing sewer line gaveway. that suv was teetering on the
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edge. it happened on a congested part of soma. several streets remain closed. our reporter has the latest. >> that sink hole is still here. it's wide open in the middle of mission street surrounded by barricades. some scary moments during rush hour. >> rush hour grinds to a halt south of market when a sinkhole opens up and a ride share driver gets stuck in it. the 12 by five foot hole opened up near montgomery. >> the fighters threw a rope around it and pulled it out. it was very macho and exciting. >> police say it wasn't exciting for the family inside the car. a broken sewer line caused the sinkhole, they said. >> usually with sewers that
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hold, age is likely the cause to have break. >> a break that closed a block of mission, snarling traffic and rerouting muni. >> i'm going to try to find a 14 x or a 14 r. i'm not sure where they're routing them but i'll find a bus home. >> in april a sewer main break caused this sinkhole. in december, it was in nowie valley. >> we have accelerated our replace and repair program. we're close to about 15 miles a year. >> water and sewer service should not be affected while crews repair the line. crews will be out in the morning to begin repair work. that means mission street will remain closed through tomorrow.
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>> that is a major artery. thank you, jean. new video of a fire in south san jose. that thick smoke could be seen for several blocks. this was at a home of hefner lane. the owner tells us his dog survived the fire but his cat is still missing. no word yet on the cause. >> not so neighborly. the nextdoor app has the ceo of the company speaking identity tonight. new at 11:00, the sheriff has more on what they're doing to help stop racial profiling in other communities. >> racial profiling is certainly not unique to oakland, but right now oakland is getting a lot of attention because it is making changes. changes that will make it harder for people to discriminate against their neighbors.
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>> our mission is to create stronger and safer neighborhoods and racial profiling is contrary. >> some believe that mission became lost on the dimond site. >> after two years of arguing with people on line, neighbors for racial justice contacted nextdoor and the city counsel member demanded something be done about it. >> we've started educating neighbors about what racial profiling is. >> did social networking site is making changes on how to report suspicious activity. >> there will be a manhattan tore said of forms that you will have to go through to make sure that what you're posting, is accurate and does not include
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the kind of discriminatory language that would include racial profiling. >> a move that is getting attention in the 99,000 communities around the country that use nextdoor. the ceo says this is only a first step but he believes it's a step in the right direction. in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> this story keeps growing. more criminal charges stemming from the beating of a suspect in san francisco these two sheriffs deputies who were caught on camera last fall will face charges of felony assault and battery with serious bodily injury. prosecutors say they're waiting for additional medical records from the victim. the officers are on paid executive leave. >> this march is accused of sexually abusing a young girl.
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police arrested anthony diaz. diaz he's a seven-year veteran of the force and has been placed on unpaid leave. >> trump won in west virginia and nebraska today. he is the only republican in the race at this point. that puts the presidential candidate # 28 dell yats shy of the number he needs to officially secure the gop nomination. on the other side, bernie sanders is trying to beat hillary clinton. he won in west virginia today. that lead leaves him with 1475 delegates. sandleders was in the bay area drilling up support. he stopped by oakland and san francisco today vowing to continue his fight for the white house. >> so how super was it? san francisco got most of the
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limelight and money during super bowl week? what about santa clara? tonight we got some money. chuck joins us from the stadium. what's the number? >> sometimes the truth may be found simply in talking to a pizzaria owner. here are the numbers. san francisco netted $2 million. hereby in santa clair a city netted $731,000. that amounts to about a tenth of 1% of the budget. santa clara wanted its slice but no surprise that the more flaichls city by the bay got the bigger one. >> are you going to stay in a hotel in san francisco or santa claira? >> san francisco. why don't you live in santa clara. san francisco's super party by the bay, hotels, restaurants and tourist spots netted $2 million
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for the city santa clair where the game was actually plate netted 731 should. >> it was it worth it? >> absolutely. it gave the city a lot of recognition. >> santa clara spent $1.6 million on huey lewis and other items. a few people tonight bked. >> i think we could have finally paid for some streets or put in lighted crosswalks that we need. >> we have one traffic engineer for the entire city and we have crazy developments. >> the region is expected to have benefitted more than either city. those numbers are still being compiled. that's due out in june. >> thank you. the area has 13 cases of the
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zika virus. a patient contracted it while traveling abroad. doctors are warning people about getting sick when traveling to latin america. zika has been linked to some birth defects. >> a developing story in massachusetts. a bizarre and deadly stabbing spree ends inside a shopping mall. a man entered a home in bristol county and stabbed a mother and daughter, killing the 80-year-old mother. he stole the car from that home and crashed it into a nearby mall. the man stabbed four more people inside of a restaurant killing one before being shot and killed by an off-duty officers. >> the investigation into prince continues tonight. several car loads of investigators poured into his paisley park compound in minneapolis late this afternoon. we've learned that a warrant was served on the minnesota doctor
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who was treating prince before his death. new documents show that the doctor saw him twice, including on the day before he died. >> what did they tell you this noise was? >> they just said i don't know. >> our investigative unit makes a big discovery that could impact you the next time you bring your car into the shop. what we found that could soon lead to a change in state law. >> good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff bornari. our next possibility of rainfall is in a few minutes. >> they say politics and family don't mix but maybe politics and dating sites do.
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the attorney you might remember this.
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a few months ago we exposed a bizarre cover-up that has the attorney general's office taking action. >> we have new information that could kwlim pact you and consumers across the state. we first broke the story. bigad, that could lead to some changes. >> it could impact a lot of people. we're continuing our investigation into the bureau of automotive repair. it was protected to protect consumers. but even when businesses are caught doing something wrong, we covered their bad track record is often kept secret. we're also exposing how millions of dollars can end up in the wrong hands. >> this is my first mitsubishi. >> he thought this car had everything he wanted but later discovered it was missing
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something he didn't know he was needing. >> i didn't have a catalytic converter. >> it makes toxic gases less harmful. he said when he went into the shop for getting the first inspection, they didn't have a catalytic converter. >> morris filed ha complaint with the bureau of automotive repairs. the agency was created to hold the are pash shops accountable. we covered for about 97% of the complaints, auto repair shops never face any kind of discipline. >> for 10,000 cases you couldn't find anything? >> a lot of them are immediate ated and taken care of with educational conferences with the shop. >> the head of the bureau said
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state law limits when he can find or cite auto repair shops. he said bureau investigators reach out to auto repair shops on their behalf. the bureau said that mediation process won consumers over $5 million in refunds and auto repairs last year. while auto shops say they'll pay up, we discovered the state bureau doesn't confirm whether consumers are ever paid. morris says the cash dealership was going to pay for his missing catalytic converter. >> how soon after that did you receive the check? >> i never received it. >> he reached out again. he said an employee told him the agency doesn't have the power to force businesses to pay up. >> i asked her, so they could outright lie to you and there's
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no repercussions? >> she said yes. they had no power. >> california assembly woman of contra costa and solano counties back a new law. >> i think your investigative reporting show us there were some gaps here and that the consumer wasn't as protected as they should be. >> her bill more clearly outlines the powers of the watchdog. it reinforces the ability to issue for fines and requires results of all investigations be posted online. right now details surrounding thousands of complaints are kept secret from the public, even when the bureau confirms a repair shop took advantage. >> we posted information where we felt they violated the law and they didn't get a chance to defend themselves, we would be in trouble as a government agency. >> would that be siding with the
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industry over the consumers? >> i wouldn't say we're siding with anyone. >> you have the ability to affect the behavior of automotive repair shops and you should probably be doing more of that. >> right here, this was never like this. colors don't watch. >> albert wonders why the bureau didn't issue any fine after his car fell off a lift at an auto repair shop and the mechanics kept the damage secret. >> what did they tell you this noise was? >> they said -- they just said i don't know. >> after his story aired, the attorney general's office got involved and is working to pull the shop's license, potentially shutting it down. meanwhile, that possible change in state law could rattle the entire auto sfri. lawmakers aren't expected to take up the legislation for several more weeks. so matt morris says he was left with just one option and what to
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do about the missing car part. >> put it on my credit card. >> he paid about a thu dollars. he said he's more frustrated with the long-term costs to california customers. >> i was expecting some action, not this. >> what did you think when you were told they didn't have any power to do anything? >> my initial thought was why are you in existence, then? >> the bureau says it can reopen the case if consumers complain that an auto repair shop refused to pay out what it promised. as for the car that fell off the lift, the owners of that repair shop intend to fight the fraud allegations when they go against the attorney general's office at a herring in august. >> if you have a tip on this story or any other story, give
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us a call at # #-888-996-tips. >> let's check in with jeff ranieri. jeff, we're expecting the same kind of overcast weather? >> wide ranging temperatures coming away tomorrow. anywhere from 50s at the coastline to 80s at the inter r interior. upper 40s to low 50s, tell us. san francisco will have the best chance of drizzle happening at 54 degrees. clouds again for the pens pla and a 3 down to the south bay, 55 to start. futurecast shows clouds expected at the immediate coastline 5:30 in the morning. also areas of spotty drizzle. by the afternoon the fog pushes back, we get sunny skies inland. if you're headed to the coastline, be prepared for the
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warmer weather. with the fog at the coast, that's going to give us these microclimate situations. warmer at 68 in the financial district. palo alto. once again that strong west oh ely wind will keep temperatures at 64. right through the south way, san jose expecting 81 degrees and sunny skies. how about the north bay, east bay? right here across danville looking at 84. along the creek, # 83 degrees. as we hit friday and saturday, a cold front moves in dropping temperatures anywhere from three to about seven degrees. you can see what this will do, 73 by friday. saturday, 70. and sunday, 72. it will stay dry right through this upcoming weekend. we are still holding on to the possibility of maybe some rainfall by next week.
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the gfs, the personal model both keep the possibility here some rainfall may arrive the 20th through the 22nd. models are staying consistent with about a quarter inch of rainfall. that is some good news. hopefully we'll have more of the same to tell you about this. and we'll be tracking it at nbc bay >> thanks, geoff. up next, helping americans cross the border to find love. >> happening now on our website, moms and dads is calling # 80,000 pacifiers so retailers. the course can pose a choking hazard. steph curry's home is up for sales for $3.8 million. they bought the home in 2013 but moved out last november. we're back in two. the drought is not over...but
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some of the strict restrictions -- are. if you live in the east bay. =vo= with its reservoirs nearly . the drought is not over but some of the restrictions are. if you live in the east bay, mud is dropping. it's monthly drought surcharge. it added about $8 to household water bills. east bay mud was asking for 25% cutbacks. however, administers say voluntary water rationing is strongly encouraged. >> so playing favorites in politics. that's the accusation from former contract workers. they say the social media giant rue toorchly suppresses
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conservative views. facebook is denying that. >> so many people are getting their news from facebook, twitter, nontraditional news sources. >> the commerce committee soentd a letter to facebook asking for more information. facebook set it will take a closer look at whether individuals are censoring conservative views and will review the trending topics feature. >> is this election getting to you? since donald trump's rising popularity, more disgruntled voters are thinking of moving to canada. a man in texas launched this internet dating site to launch available americans with single canadians. he's promising to make canada great again. >> up next, did his mom think he would succeed at the nba? what did he do with the new carr
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kia s-u-v " for his mvp award today. =raj/2shot= he donated it to c it wasn't just the trophy but steph curry also given a kia suv for being named for the mvp
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today. there was an old story from his mom. here's the story. >> the second installment is rarely as good as the first but in steph curry's case this regular season far exceeded his inaugural mvp campaign of a year ago. his scoring average jumped from 23.8 to 34.1. he's the first guard to win back-to-back mvp awards since steve nash did it for phoenix in 2004 and 2005. and steph becomes the 39dth player in the history of all three major professional sports leagues to grab mvp honors in back-to-back years. seth's mom asked -- >> do you think steph can make it in the nba? i'll never forget that, because nine years later, through the
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annapolis mvp of the league which has never been done before, how did that happen in nine years? your own mom didn't know you'd make it in the league. and now you've got a banner behind us, two of these trophies, this is incredibly improbable. >> it was one of those things where no matter how, you know, great people tell you you are or how lucky or whatever drives you inside, whatever you find that will to keep going is about not being complacent and always trying to get better. >> i think she knew in her heart that he was going to be fine. she was just laying the groundwork. >> we had no idea so many years ago. the warriors will close out their series with the blazers tomorrow night.
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>> up next, the nasa discovery. new hope tonight of discovering
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earth-like planets. =vo= nasa announced that its kepler telescope verified nearly 13-hundred new planets, which there's some new hope of discovering earth-like planets.
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nasa announced its telescope verified nearly 1,300 planets spotted last year, the most ever. they say 550 could be our size, the size of efrtd. nine of those new plantsz might have water, which is an indication of life. >> if i have to learn all the names, i'm not going to be able to do it. i know nine. >> just an acronym. >> that's a lot of research. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day. >> bye-bye. drive safe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade. mrs. laura bush and jenna bush hager.


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